Application Development & Integration

Developing applications to meet business needs relies on technology, tools and technical architectures. R&K’s research focuses on best practices and technologies for delivering applications to the production environment and maintaining their evolution over their life cycle, including governance and control issues.

Linguistic Management & Support

R&K provides global support for ongoing and contingency military operations, peacekeeping and civil affairs, refugee support, Intelligence collection, analysis, and report. R&K employs the necessary personnel with the translation and interpretation knowledge to for fill your assessed needs, whether it is for face-to-face meetings and interviews, or for technically written translation.

Cyber Security & Incident Response

How do we handle IT-related incidents?
R&K has on-hand expertise to prevent, contain, respond, eradicate, and recover from any IT-related incident. We have the expertise to help recover our customers' operations after a major incident. R&K will provide a top notch Threat Management team that will provide detailed Root Cause Analysis of how and why a particular incident took place and will help ensure that the same incident does not happen twice.

It is our passion to provide the highest qualified personnel and solutions to our customers.

We believe in continuously improving our customer's ability to monitor and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and applications.

R&K has a successful and award winning track record of providing risk-based/Information Security (FISMA, IG, NIST, DIACAP) to our customers. From risk assessments to providing support for an entire Federal Agency's Information Security Program, R&K will ensure our customers' systems and programs exceed Federal, DoD, and IC security requirements.